Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spring/Summer 2011 Platform Sandals Trends

The warmer season brings with it a wide range of sandals. Among all the different styles and shapes, platforms seem to always come back reinventing themselves season after season. Whether they are high-heeled or not, platform sandals have long proved their versatility and practicality, being both comfortable, despite their amazing height, and elegant. Therefore, you don't have to make a compromise. Take a look to some of the spring/summer 2011 platform sandals trends.

Charles Anastase

Lately, platform sandals became an essential item for hot summer days. Whether we are talking about fringes, flowers, lace, or different embellishments, next season we gain height and choose one pair of platform sandals designers had prepared for us for spring/summer 2011. Extremely tall, in a wide range of colors, from the classic ones to various prints and shades, invest in one trendy pair and you just have to wait for the sun and summer holiday spent at the seaside.


Besides their practical and versatile side, platform sandals play an extremely important aesthetic part being more than flattering for those of you who want to look taller and slimmer. Moreover, they represent the chic choice for an elegant summer outfit, especially if you choose a pair with high-heels. You can match them with different items from skirts and liberty printed dresses or jumpsuits to denim shirts and sophisticated pencil skirts and shirts. The only thing you should do is to find the perfect pair that flatters your silhouette and matches your personal style. Be careful as next season's platforms have a dizzy height (Charles Anastase, Barbara Bui)!

Sonia Rykiel

Floral prints, fringes and other flirty embellishments were used by fashion designers in order to accessorize not only clothes, but platform sandals too. We have seen fun, playful platforms at D&G, Wunderkind, Christian Dior, and Blugirl. They come in so many beautiful colors with mesmerizing applications, such as romantic bows and sweet flowers. Wear them with a colored dress, but avoid a printed one and go for plain. If the platforms are very colorful, pick more soft, warm colors for your accessories in order to balance the overall look.

D & G

During the summer season what better way to boost your wardrobe than by choosing a footwear in a tasty, fruity colors. Therefore, daily heat and the mildness of summer nights allows you to stay comfortable in a pair of colorful platforms that you can wear with denim shorts or a breezy, flowy dress. Pay attention to the height and choose a pair that allows you to move freely and naturally, otherwise your posture will look rather weird. You have so many collections where to draw your inspiration from, such as Custo Barcelona, Betsey Johnson, Costume National, Blugirl, D&G, or Sonia Rykiel, among others.


Platform sandals are not only for a daytime, casual look, but they can also be worn to something more elegant. Whether it is made from satin or lace with feminine bows, or with a wooden sole, a pair of platform sandals elongates your legs, adding femininity and style to your appearance. Therefore, they are a smart investment for the warmer season. If you choose to match golden and nude you will certainly obtain a glamorous effect. For a night out with your friends, team your platforms with jeans and a sweet top. For different ideas take a look to collections such as Christian Dior, Donna Karan, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Ports 1961, or Stella McCartney.

Betsey Johnson

Marc by Marc Jacobs

If you are looking for something more refined, nude and powdered pink platform sandals are the perfect choice for a sophisticated look that instantaneously add style and elongate your silhouette, not only due to the height of the sandals, but also to their color. Flattering for the skin, wear them with soft, breezy fabrics for a stylish summer outfit. If you don't have them already, add a pair to your spring/summer 2011 wardrobe and use your creativity to make feminine outfits. White, brown or black are also a great idea to take into consideration as they can be matched to everything and anything.

Donna Karan

Ports 1961

Dolce and Gabbana

Photos via STYLE.COM

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2011 Shoes

After handbags and uber-chic clothing items the ace designer decided to spread her wings and cover the domain of footwear. The Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2011 shoes collection lines up a versatile selection of style items from comfy to ultra-feminine as well as all season-appropriate pumps and wedges. Check out the fabulous designs to know where to look for the 'it' shoes of the next season.

Rebecca Minkoff is one of the most promising and multi-talented designers of our times. Celebrities repeatedly pay their tribute to her work by sporting her handbags and clothing items both on the red carpet and off. In spite of the backbreaking work of dressing models from top top toe, the rising style guru managed to cover all the fashion domains like a real pro.

The Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2011 shoes collection will be available next year when fans will have the chance to sport all the fabulous designs lined up in a selection of no less than 25 footwear styles all adopting a unique tailoring patterns also called MAP flap by designer being a clear references to her Morning After bag line. Those who were impressed by the revolutionary still completely wearable design techniques used by Rebecca Minkoff should not skip this brief presentation of the upcoming footwear collection.

Rebecca Minkoff claimed several times that she was always mad about shoes. However she had to wait for the perfect moment and in this case three years in order to have the proper inspiration and motivation to envision a full line of footwear. In order to complement your accessory collection with additional dapper shoes make sure you take a closer look at this insight into the versatile parade of wedges, flats as well as other designs that will meet the expectation of all style-conscious ladies for sure. The pastel tones paired with blue, red and silver would turn these fashion pieces into all event-appropriate shoes that complement all outfits.

Rebecca Minkoff states as her chief objective to design shoes that are both wearable and practical still would also radiate a high street allure to make us feel righteously special and faddish. In order to look confident sporting these new season accessories it is a must to choose the height of the heels as well as designs according to our walking skills and personal clothing style.The famous designer will furnish you with shoes that have a sky-high heels if you wish to add some length to your silhouette. These shoes are undoubtedly designed for those who wish to challenge their skills and enhance their look with a hot and femme fatale-like sex-appeal.

Those who would like to go for the comfy principle will find refuge in the selection of flats, boots and wedges that allow you to walk like a real model without any visible difficulties.These footwear designs will serve as the best means to enjoy the warm weather both when preparing for a long walk or an exhausting day at work. Enjoy the pleasant experience these Rebecca Minkoff shoes will offer you. It is also worth knowing that the complete collection will retail for $160 to $395.


TDF!!! For sure!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Barbara Bui Spring/Summer 2011 Shoe Collection

Barbara Bui has managed to surprise her fans yet again with an amazingly stylish shoe collection for the new spring summer season. Shoes play an essential role when it comes to physical appearance as they can change the body posture and complete the look of an outfit. The Barbara Bui spring/summer 2011 shoe collection is most definitely capable of underlining your fabulous sense of fashion as it features an incredibly stylish and diverse shoe designs.

Shoe trends change from season to season to suit the season's requirements as well as new fashion trends; shoes being the details which can make all the difference when it comes to the look of an outfit. Because we need different shoe styles to suit different occasions and outfit styles Barbara Bui has created different fabulous shoe styles to suit most preferences when it comes to shoes. These shoes have lovely unique and urban chic designs which attract a generous amount of attention towards the legs, so make sure to select the perfect shoe style for you.

One of the most dominant shoe styles found in the Barbara Bui spring summer 2011 shoe collection is the platform shoes style. Platforms are a definite must this spring summer 2011 season as they are hot, sexy and can bright you that boost of femininity which is highly required when it comes to women. Just because not everyone benefits from the same platform shoes styles you can find different platform designs which all look fabulous. You can go sexy modern by selecting a conic heel or go for a more vintage platform shoe which features a chunky heel, either way all the designs look amazing.

Pumps are definitely the pair of shoes which should not miss from any woman's wardrobe, at least from women who love showing off their sexy legs. Pumps generate a great amount of sexiness and Barbara Bui has accentuated that sexiness using snake skin printed leather in different shades including autumnal shades, red and gray/blue. The high stiletto heel offer the leg a high amount of sexiness so they are perfect for any chic outfit, whether a dress or tight fit/classic trousers.

Everyone loves flat shoes and they are a necessity as flats are comfortable and stylish at the same time, being perfect for casual wear and occasions which require you to be active and walk. There are a variety of stylish flat sandals to choose from just so you can find the design which works for you best. Go for simple or more complicated, flashy flat shoes, just make sure the outfit chosen balance the style of the shoes so you can look flawless.

Another comfortable and stylish pair of shoes perfect for the spring summer days are wedges. Wedge shoes have made a huge comeback since last season and we are not surprised why as they look stylish and offer you a surprising level of comfort.

And then some pop of color...

I love this collection!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pierre Hardy Spring Summer 2011 Shoe Collection

Shoes can absolutely transform the look of an outfit so make sure you select a fabulous pair of shoes such as the ones designed by Pierre Hardy for the spring 2011 season so take a glimpse at his fabulous shoe collection and get inspired!

Pierre Hardy, the well known French shoe designer has managed to pleasantly surprise with a lovely shoe collection for the spring summer 2011 season as the designs created are not only stylish but diverse as well. Not everyone benefits from the same shoe designs so the more varied the collection the better the chances are to find the perfect pair for you.

Pierre Hardy spring 2011 shoe collection exudes style and uniqueness and this is due to the experience he has accumulated and talent he has been blessed with. Pierre Hardy began his career in 1988 by working for Christian Dior. Since then he has been been collaborating with a variety of strong name in the fashion industry and this has catapulted Pierre Hardy among big names such as Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin.

It seems that Pierre Hardy's education as he has studied fine art as well as dance, has greatly influenced his designs making them innovative and luxurious. There is nothing else which can top the beauty of a fine pair of shoes and it seems that this is why women go crazy for shoes. Shoes play a very important role when it comes to physical appearance and style as they can absolutely complete and transform the look of an outfit.

The Pierre Hardy 2011 spring shoe collection is absolutely incredible and features several designs which can most definitely suit different outfit styles and preferences. One style which seems to be quite popular and suitable for most women are platform shoes as platforms are adorable. There are a variety of platform shoe styles to choose from and they can feature a high chunky heel or a gradually narrowing heel, both styles looking divine.

For a more elegant approach Pierre Hardy has opted for medium heel sandals which feature different style straps for better foot support as well as a higher dose of style. These shoes can be worn with different outfit styles from dresses to trousers as they will manage to give you an elegant and comfortable posture.

Wedges seem to be making a comeback but this is no surprise; wedges not only look great but also offer the foot a higher amount of support making them highly comfortable. Pierre Hardy designed some amazingly stylish wedges which attract a generous amount of attention. From colorful to more classical the wedges look gorgeous and can “spice up” the look of your outfit.

Pierre designed wedge sandals which are high, fun and fabulous and wedges which have a more casual-chis style. All the designs look amazing and can most definitely be the center pieces of your shoe collection!

Strappy sandals whether featuring a high heel or a flat sole are a must during the hot season and the strappy shoes designed by Pierre Hardy look absolutely divine. The strappy high heel sandals feature a chunky heel so that the stability and comfort is enhanced, making these shoes perfect for casual occasions.

Flats are also amazing and a definite must have in every woman's shoe collection as these shoes look stylish but also offer you a great amount of comfort which every woman needs, especially when it comes to going shopping or for walking a lot.

Pierre Hardy's shoes are most definitely amazing and we can't wait to see more of his fabulous designs.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giuseppe Zanotti Spring/Summer 2011 Shoes

Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti has always created lovely feminine shoes which maintained a perfect balance between the past as well as the present trends so check out his latest shoe collection for spring/summer 2011 as it is truly adorable! Well not all, I think the silver studded shoe is so tacky. What do you think?

Women who are looking to attract a generous amount of attention can opt for the crystal embellished sandals as they exude glamor, sexiness and style. You can opt for a silver version which have a more classic style or you can opt for the glam stiletto heel black crystal embellished multi-strap sandal if you need a more modern look. 

For women who want to maintain a sophisticated, flawless look which is timeless, you can opt for a pair of lovely black patent leather sandals. These sandals are perfect if you want to go for a more somber look which is definitely far from boring!

Did you like any? What do you like best? 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Walkin' On Snow

The snow season is beckoning in parts of the globe where it snows (of course!). I haven't seen snow for real let alone walk on them. I dream of walking on them but scared of the chill it will bring. Maybe soon, we shall see but for now I am content with just checking out pretty shoes to shield the footsies from the harsh cold.

Faux fur trim is always a popular choice for winter, and this year, faux fur accents are especially hot. I also love the fact that these stylish winter boots have just a bit of a dressy feel to them. So, while they may not be rugged enough for really icy conditions, they will for sure do what it's meant for them to do.

The faux fur around the top of the upper part is striking and the wedge heel gives you the height you are seeking without making it too uncomfortable to walk in. 

This winter boots add a little luxury to your winter footwear with velvety soft rabbit fur and a warm fleece lining. TECHNICA TATIANA Made in Italy and retails at $405

This winter boots is inspired by timeless Swedish fashion. This is crafted of genuine hair-on goatskin with leather tassel and embroidered accent. Too girly!
TECHNICA SKANDIA Made in Italy and retails at $324

I would love the ones with heels but it's too risky to have them on outdoors. So wear at your own risk.

Well-heeled and luxe. This pair can be worn scrunched or pulled down over the heel. Made with imported faux fur/polyurethane/leather. Available at VICTORIA'S SECRET $158. 
Sudini's Princeton waterproof boot has a sleek leather uppper and a thick faux collar for that chic style and winter warmth a fashionista craves. SUDINI PRINCETON TALL BOOTS retails at $200

Go get yourself a pair of these boots and see what all the hype is about. You will be very pleased that you did.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Alber Elbaz @ The Milan Fashion Week

Alber Elbaz did it again—he created another unbelievably lustworthy shoe for Lanvin. At first glance, the mixed-material sandals with tough detailing teetered on impossibly thin heels. Then you realize they have a Lucite wedge to support them, adding another creative layer to the already-divine creations. Genius.

Will you wear this shoes?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Power Heels

I think if i start walking the halls of the office in these heels, I'd be scaring people to bits:

Why? Because it is not something that is usually seen at work. 

But I like it and I think I will try it...

I'll keep y'all posted.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

High Heels: Wonder and Woe

This towering Gucci platform may seem intimidating at first, but its exaggerated wide straps actually make it quite foot-friendly. Gucci Gail Platform Sandals in Nero
No surprise here—high heels have been both the wonder and woe of the female sex for generations. Each season, heels inch higher and higher, leaving the stiletto-clad feet of millions in major distress. Swollen feet are just the beginning of your problems—bunions, blisters, dead or ingrown toe nails, and in worst cases, foot deformities can result from wearing uncomfortable high heels, which constrict the natural shape of a woman’s foot.

Add this to the fact that high heels are usually paired with skin-tight jeans and body-binding skirts—painful, we know, but it’s a fashion thing—and you may end up with even more discomfort in addition to your throbbing soles.

The easiest way to avoid all this (apart from making not-too-tight fashion choices) would be to wear flat shoes, of which there are a growing number of fashionable options. There are ballet flats, loafers, moccasins, brogues, sandals, and even sneakers, to fit the bill. But if you aren’t willing to give up your stiletto addiction, try to at least add more comfort to your high heels. Choose a pair with a platform in the front, as this will decrease the pressure at the toe and make walking much easier. Also, make sure that your shoes have a cushioned instep, which should lessen the amount of soreness your feet may experience afterwards.